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Executive Benefits

Protect Yourself, Your Business and Your Key People

Whether a small or large business owner, you, your family, partners and employees are at risk if you or other key people suffer an illness, injury, disability or death. The business may experience loss of sales and competitive edge, loss of confidence of suppliers, and expend a large amount of money and time to find a replacement.


A well-conceived benefit program that includes key-person insurance will protect you, your family and your business, as well as help you attract and retain key people.  Additionally, because typical group insurance only covers a fraction of a key executive’s high income, you’ll also be able to adequately protect key people and their families from loss as well.

Our team of certified benefit specialists, financial consultants and life underwriters can help determine your needs and advise on the best key person insurance solutions for your needs. 

Click the toggles below for examples of ways we can protect your high-earning, valuable key executives and your business.

Key Person Life Insurance

Key Person Life Insurance protects your business if one of the main partners passes away unexpectedly, and helps to minimize financial loss. Your business is typically responsible for the premiums, as it is also the beneficiary. The value of your business (as established through financial records) will help to determine the benefit level and premium amounts.

Business Overhead Disability

A Business Overhead Disability policy prevents businesses from going under from regular overhead expenses while the business owner is unable to work and run the business due to disability. These types of policies will typically pay for things like employee salaries, rent and utilities, among other expenses.

Buy Sell Agreements

Buy-Sell Agreements protect a business after the death of a key employee. Also, known as Continuation Agreements, they are tied to and funded by life insurance policies. The agreement sets out the details of the transfer of business interest by the key-person (or his/her estate) upon a certain triggering event–usually death, disability and retirement. The surviving or continuing business owner or partner can rest assured knowing that they will be able to purchase the key-person share without interference from other survivors of the key person and his/her estate.

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